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Revision 6/2004

Concise Confidentiality Statement

NEIT Solutions assures that all personal information submitted to us in processing your order and for billing and support purposes, including but not limited to credit card information, will be kept strictly confidential and used solely by NEIT Solutions, its representatives and employees, for the purposes for which it was intended, and for the benefit of the subscriber. We will not share or release such information to any individual, entity, or third party, without the consent of the subscriber, except as required by law, regulation or governmental authority. All information provided to us by the subscriber is properly stored and handled at all times by authorized NEIT Solutions staff only.

NEIT Solutions values your privacy.  We will not share personal information on clients or visitors to our website.  We do not sell, or otherwise provide our client or visitor information to advertisers, clients, or any entities in any form.  The only exception is the requirement that we provide information to official agencies as the result of subpoena.

NEIT Solutions may place a time-limited cookie on your computer if you arrived through certain advertised links and your computer settings permit such cookies.  We do this to gauge the effectiveness of our advertising and affiliate partners and to reward our existing clients who refer new customers.  We DO NOT track your surfing habits or use this information in any other way.  This cookie is only read by the NEIT Solutions website when you visit.

NEIT Solutions uses an eCRM application to provide instant chat support services for our site visitors.  This application shows us the page that the visitor is on to make our response more topical.  We do not log or archive this information.

NEIT Solutions does email an occasional newsletter to our clients and others who subscribe to receive it.  Recipients can opt out at any time.  Other than this informative service email, we do not send any bulk email, and will NOT make your name or email address available to others.  We detest SPAM and won't be a part of it.

NEIT Solutions does not assemble demographic data on our website visitors, either individually or in the aggregate.  Our log files do contain statistics on the number of page views, and referring sites so that we may concentrate our advertising and search engine listing efforts appropriately.  This information is not shared with outside parties and is not archived.  The statistics data is not linked to the cookie mentioned earlier in this policy and does not track your web surfing habits.

NEIT Solutions does have access to client files on our servers, and reserves the right to examine client files and activity logs to ensure server integrity and compliance with our terms and conditions.  We will also access your space as necessary to resolve any support requests.  While we own the server space, NEIT Solutions does not own or have rights to the files or data that our clients place on the server.  We will not use or distribute these files in any way without the express request and permission of our client.

NEIT Solutions takes every reasonable measure to ensure the security of financial and account information.  We encrypt all sensitive data and do not store or display credit card data in a readable form online.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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